About TechSales Pioneers

TechSales Pioneers GmbH was founded in 2019 by Christoph Wienken with the aim of supporting companies in their market entry with new technical solutions and products. We offer the entire market entry process as an individually configurable service.

Why do we need the TechSales Pioneers?

For more than 10 years we have been dealing with the sale of high-tech products in need of explanation. And we found the same with every product:

“Only those who understand the technology in depth can sell a product successfully in the long run. The standard sales department is quickly overwhelmed with technical questions and needs support from a technical expert”.

For established products, support can be provided with an application, but for new products and new markets this is usually not possible efficiently.

This challenge we want to solve with TechSales Pioneers!

Our Mission

“Our mission is to accompany new, innovative high-tech products on their way to the right user.” 

This requires special people. Only with the right mindset can we understand the potential of the new technology and, at the same time, the challenges facing the user.

We love technology and we love to question how things work. That’s why we understand very well which solution is suitable for whom, even for technically demanding products. And what the possibilities are, but also what the limits of a product are and what that means for the user.

This ability is special. And that’s why we want to help and support others as service providers with high-tech startups and grow-ups in the initial marketing of their products. Our task is to work out the customer benefit and then to address potential users in the market. Together we solve the user’s challenge with their new product.

Because in the end we all benefit together!

Our vision

“It is our vision that every user uses the most technologically suitable product and can also exploit its full potential.”

The beauty of optimized processes and products is our driving force. In our perfect world, nobody does anything twice or unnecessarily unless they want to. This ensures the best possible result. Just like the efficient use of resources. And in a time of increasingly scarce resources, we are also able to solve completely economic problems.

It’s a long way to the optimal world, so let’s start right away!

About me

I am Dr. Christoph Wienken, doctor of physics without fear of people and other uncertainties and founder and managing director of TechSales Pioneers GmbH.

After studying physics at the LMU in Munich with a minor in economics, I received my doctorate in the Systems Biophysics group of Prof. Dieter Braun. The focus there was on research at the interface between photonics and life science – we were looking for possible applications of thermophoresis in the biotech environment.

During my doctorate I founded with two fellow students the company NanoTemper Technologies, a Tech-Startup, which develops and sells optical measuring instruments for the Life Science sector.

After completing my doctorate, I switched to optics and laser technology and worked in technical sales at SCANLAB AG. After a short time I led a team of 4 sales engineers and worked intensively on restructuring the sales structure in the European region. In addition I work as a project manager for customer-specific development projects and accompanied the development and introduction of a product development process.

In early 2017, I joined EOS GmbH, a market leader in industrial 3D printing. There I took over the function of Business Development Manager Medical and was responsible for the further development of the additive manufacturing ecosystem in the field of medical technology. The goal was to identify and further develop customers, partners and multipliers. I also acted as an interface to the market for development projects and as technical support for the sales staff.

At the end of 2017 I had the opportunity to help shape FreshDetect GmbH as CTO and then as managing director. Here, too, one of the main tasks was to create structures that would make it possible to apply a high-tech product requiring explanation.

Even though the products have changed in the different companies, the biggest hurdle in sales remained the same: “Technical sales requires sales staff with a deep technical understanding of the product and its application!”

And it was always my task to support the sales department personally or to enable the sales people themselves through training and education.

With this knowledge and these experiences I would like to help many high-tech startups and grow-ups and support them in their market entry with their innovative products.