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The Challenge

Finding new applications for your technology or expanding your business to new markets is crucial for your future success.

Still this important topic usually won’t get the focus it deserves, because of:

Daily Business

Expanding to new Markets is important, but not urgent. Hence, daily business shifts the focus away from these topics. Until it becomes really urgent…

Lack of Ideas

You are an expert in your field. That is why you are successful. But dealing with details also means that it becomes difficult to think out of the box and come up with unexpected ideas.

Lack of Resources

You have the best team for running your business. Starting something new needs people with experience and a special mindset, both of which are hard to find. And you need them only on a project basis.

Our Solution

We offer Business Development & Sales for HighTech products as a Service.

To support you with identifying and starting up your new ideas and help you grow in your new Markets!


We are Techies and love technology. Understanding the product in depth is the key to early market success.


Consultants typically advise and leave. We believe in our ideas and walk the talk.

Tech Sales Experts

We have already introduced new, innovative products and we are focused on our market: Photonics and Biophysics.


Introducing new products is not an everyday task. So we help you when necessary and save you money in between.

Typical Project Plan

Each project is unique, but they all share some common project phases. A typical project runs like this:

Phase 1 – Onboarding

approx. 1 – 2 months

  • Understanding your technology
  • Understanding your market
  • Identifiying your customers‘ needs
  • Identifying your Ecosystem

Phase 2 – Active

min. 6 months

  • Identifying and contacting prospects
  • Selling your product or technology
  • Building your Ecosystem
  • Support in negotiations

Phase 3 - Insourcing

optional, approx. 6 months

  • In-house training courses for your staff on the new product
  • Hands-on training together with our team
  • Handing over customer insights

Continuous Reporting throughout the complete project

Typical Uses Cases

Market Entry in the EU

New Applications for your Technology

Our Focus

Understanding the product in depth is the key to early market success. We focus our work on our core knowledge that we gained in our previous careers in the Photonics industry:

Laser Technology

Lasers are divas, but they allow a multitude of applications and products. We offer the highly trained staff you need to build and sell such devices and instruments.

Additive Manufacturing​

Additive Manufacturing is the manufacturing of the future and offers incredible possibilities for optimizing products. We are aware of its pitfalls and can provide the support necessary for the end user.

Bio Photonics

Combining technology with biological processes offers unpredicted possibilities for analyses or treatments. We know technology and biology. So we understand the users questions and know how your product can solve it.

In A Nutshell​

We offer project-based Business Development & Sales for your HighTech Product – To help you grow in your new Market!

  • For Techies from Techies (… who have seen the other side)
  • With focus on Photonics and Biophysics
  • Along the complete process of starting up a new Market

The Secret of getting Ahead is getting Started."


Let's Start!​​

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