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We love technology and we love to question how things work. That’s why even with technically demanding products we understand very well which solution is suitable for whom. And what the possibilities are, but also what the limits of a product are and what that means for the user.

We are special with these abilities. And we want to help others:


Our mission is to accompany new, cool high-tech products on their way to the right user.

And that requires special people. Because only with our mindset can we understand the potential of the new technology and, at the same time, the challenges facing the user.

As a service provider, we therefore support high-tech start-ups and grow-ups in the initial marketing of their products. Our task here is to work out the customer benefits and then address potential users in the market. Together we solve the challenge of the user by the new product and

This isn’t about persuasion. But our focus is the cooperative development of a solution for the customer.


It is our vision that every user uses the technologically optimally suitable product and can also exploit its full potential.

That’s a long way to go, so let’s start right away! And for this goal we need companions!

Become a TechSales Pioneer!

If you are interested in complex, technical products, if you like to explain the world to other people and if you enjoy working regularly in new exciting projects then our tasks could be fun for you.

    Currently we are looking for support in the following areas:

    In coordination with our clients you 

    • develop new market potentials
    • identify and contact potential users, customers & partners
    • elaborate the optimal solution with the user
    • take over the initial sale of their products

    You will support our consultants in

    • Identification of market potential and market research
    • Research of contact persons and customer contacts
    • Preparation and documentation of customer visits 

    You will support our consultants in

    • Technology analysis
    • Literature research
    • Preparation of technical trainings and seminars

    You like our idea, but your job isn’t there? Then simply send us your unsolicited application.

    A few more points:

    • The products of our clients are high-tech. And we act at the interface between the development department of our clients and the end users. That’s why physicists and other scientists like to work for us.
    • We work on an interface. And at an interface, communication is the key. That’s why we need open, helpful people who appreciate the beauty of solved challenges.
    • Life has its own rules. And only if you remain flexible can you find the best way to do this. That’s why we offer the opportunity to work part-time and to flexibly meet important appointments with Home Office.
    • Cool ideas know no national borders! Therefore English is absolutely necessary. German is also quite helpful and other languages are welcome.

      An application should be fun and quick. And in a 10-minute interview we get to know each other much better than with an application folder!

      That’s why we use a 90 seconds application to apply!


      Your 90 seconds application at TechSales Pioneers:

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